Growth in Cache Valley Utah

Cache Valley Utah continues to grow. It is predicted that the population (currently about 105,000) will double in the next 20 years. There is lots of available land for development, so population growth at this level is possible. Some of the issues that effect growth include changing zoning laws and traffic congestion. Logan Utah currently has no freeway system, and Main Street is all ready over crowded. Local leaders are doing what they can as they plan for the future growth in this beautiful valley. Whether ready or not, the growth will occur. Real Estate prices in the Logan Utah continue to be less than the Wasatch Front. The median price of Cache Valley homes is about $170,000. Here are some of the most popular areas for Cache Valley Real Estate growth:

Nibley Utah Real Estate

The Nibley area has nearly doubled in size and more than half the houses have been built after 2,000. Nibley Real Estate, also has a small growing commercial section, a fun park, and a large new condominium complex. It has several new retirement communities as well.

Logan Utah Real Estate

As the central community of Cache Valley, Logan Utah continues to grow in the areas where more growth can occur. The west side of Logan continues to grow in areas like Green Meadows, Logan River Trails, and Rosewood. On the east side, large homes continue to be built on the side of the mountain in the Cliffside neighborhood. In the older and interior portions of Logan many developers have converted old farm land into large Condominium Complexes. Some of the new townhouse communities include Bridgerland Meadows, and the River Crossing Townhomes. The north west portion of town has seen lots of development with Logan apartment complexes. The multi family high density zoning makes it a popular place for the development of rental properties. With the large student population of Logan, almost half the population rents.

Smithfield Utah Real Estate

Smithfield is the second largest city in Cache County. It is approximately eight miles north of Logan and unlike many Cache Valley cities has its own commercial center and industry. Many residents and people who relocate to Smithfield like the more rural feel and separate identity that Smithfield provides. While growth in Smithfield hasn't been as fast as some other areas it does continue to grow with a variety of different housing units. The east bench has many large 3,000-5,000 square foot homes. The north end of Smithfield has more moderate new housing developments that generally range in price from $200,000 - $300,000. It also has some growth on the West Side of town including neighborhood nonprofit community housing. Real Estate in Smithfield Utah tends to be slightly less expensive than in the south end Cache Valley.

This article was written by Alan Barker of Logan's Cornerstone Real Estate Professionals