Deflating Myths About Austin Real Estate

There are some myths about Austin real estate out there. Sadly, these myths keep many homeowners from finding the terrific homes that they deserve. Here is the truth behind these common mistruths:

Myth #1: Austin real estate is only for a specific type of person.

The Truth: Austin real estate is among the most diverse markets out there. Homebuyers in this city are literally spoiled for choice. New Austin condos and historic homes dot downtown. New luxury subdivisions such as Steiner Ranch in hill country in West Austin have received national attention for the great quality they offer. When you move to Austin, whether you move close to the lakes or the suburbs, you will find that you have very diverse neighbors. From professionals to artists, from professors to young families, from students to retirees, homebuyers of all stripes are attracted to the many opportunities and the great homes of Austin’s real estate market.

Myth #2: Austin real estate is all about old-fashioned homes (or, alternatively, about modern buildings with no soul).

The Truth: Just as there is a wide range of Austinites, so there is a wide range of real estate to suit every taste and budget. In downtown Austin, you will find modern condos that over look the city lights, loft communities, bungalows, historic mansions and new construction homes and townhouses. In subdivisions such as Steiner Ranch in West Austin you will see a range of newer construction homes as well as some condos. Real estate near the lakes in Austin ranges from huge modern homes to modest apartment buildings.

Myth #3: Austin real estate is not a good value.

The Truth: Dollar for dollar, Austin apartments provides superlative value. Home values in the area are increasing, making investment in Austin real estate a great choice. The downtown area is expected to boom from a population of 5000 to a population of 10 000 soon. In ten years, it is estimated that this one part of Austin will have 25 000 residents. All of these Austinities will need homes, which is sure to keep the Austin real estate market healthy. Homes along the lakes in the city have been featured in magazines, they are so beautiful, and the quality homes of newer subdivisions like Steiner Ranch are so impressive that they have sparked national interest. In addition to great home values, though, Austin offers a great lifestyle. Move to Austin and you can enjoy the three stunning lakes in the city – Lake Austin, Town Lake, and Lake Travis – all with a wealth of recreational opportunities. In Austin, you can also enjoy fine dining, world-class shopping, and outstanding employment and educational opportunities. All you need from a home and from life is right here.

Myth: #4: I cannot afford Austin real estate.

The Truth: Of course, there are some showcase homes in the city that are worth many millions of dollars. However, Austin is not for the wealthy. Here, you will find blue collar workers and retirees on modest budgets as well. The fact is, although Austin attracts visitors and residents from all over the world, it still boasts extremely affordable real estate prices. Plus, there are many choices to choose from, so that you can opt for the home that suits your budget and needs.